10 Maret 2014

[100314.EN.SEA] Carrier On-Time Reliability Continues Decline To Record Low: SeaIntel

CARRIER service reliability declined from December to January to a record low of 70 per cent in January 2014 compared to 73.5 per cent in December 2013, according to SeaIntel's latest report on Global Liner Performance. 

This is worse than the recent release of Drewry Carrier Performance Insight's rating of a 63.8 per cent reliability, the lowest on-time rate since the third quarter of 2011 when it plunged to 61.1 per cent.

The decline, agreed SeaIntel COO Alan Murphy, was the lowest in two years, but no big surprise for January given that it is winter slack season causing restructure of services as inclement weather disrupted schedules.

The US east coast was particularly hard hit with many ports closing due to winter storms causing congestion and service delays, said SeaIntel. Port strikes in Chile by dockers led to delay along with delays at some Chinese ports.

South America to the Mediterranean was the only trade lane showing improvement, up seven per cent from December to January. Other main lanes declined 12 to 13 per cent.

Maersk Line came in second to Germany's Hamburg Sud which scored 80.4 per cent, the first time since June 2013. Maersk's decline of 2.6 points to 79.7 per cent still came in ahead of Taiwan's Evergreen, which scored 75.7 per cent.

The global performance report was based on 10,581 vessel arrivals in more than 270 ports around the world, covering 60 different carriers across 272 services and 32 different trade lanes.

According to INTTRA data, the timeliness of global container delivery declined to a global record-low at average of 53.6 per cent in January from month previous of 58.8 per cent. World container delivery is based on the arrival of more than 5.5 million containers in December and January.

Expecting little improvement, Drewry Maritime Research attributed the decline to increased sailing cancellations, deliberately employed by liners to counter overcapacity and help bolster general rate increases.

Source : HKSG.

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