26 Maret 2014

[260314.EN.SEA] Rotterdam Loses Million TEU A Year 'Unfairly' To Belgian And German Ports

THE Port of Rotterdam loses one million TEU a year to rivals in Germany and Belgium due to "unfair competition", according to a study commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. 

Against Rotterdam, German and Belgian receive government subsidies for infrastructure development, says the report, with extra costs running 50 per cent higher if dredging costs for the Elbe, Scheldt and Maas rivers were included.

Due to high growth figures and the increasing size of containerships in combination with winter storms affecting sailing schedules, the Port of Hamburg is facing increasing congestion, reports Dynaliner. 

Hamburg yard dwell times have doubled so that storage capacity has decreased significantly and consequently terminal efficiency has dropped drastically. HHLA is the stevedore most affected by the congestion.

APM Terminals Rotterdam may start commercial operations at its new Maasvlakte 2 terminal in September, according to the Dutch press, two months ahead of schedule, said the report.

Source : HKSG.

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