03 Desember 2015

[031215.EN.BIZ] US Senate Backs Teamsters Over UPS/Fed-Ex by Banning Longer Trailers

US Senators removed provisions in a spending bill to allow an increase in the length of tractor trailers, noted the Teamsters union, which opposes longer trucks.

"Allowing trucks to pull the longer trailers would add an additional 10 feet to the length of existing double trailers, making them harder to pass and drivers to see who's beside them," said the Teamster statement.

"Longer trucks also need greater stopping distances, and already over-capacity thoroughfares leave little room for driver reaction times when it comes to changing lanes and reduced speeds," the statement said.

By a voice vote, the Senate's bipartisan measure stripped a provision calling for longer twin tractor-trailers on American roads, a change promoted by United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx.

The amendment also requires the Department of Transportation to complete a study before longer trucks are allowed.

The Senate recently instructed the chamber's negotiators on the long-term highway bill to oppose any federal mandate that would compel states to allow 33-foot trailers on their roads.

The Teamsters are encouraged by this to prioritise highway safety over greater corporate profits," said Teamsters president Jim Hoffa.

"At a time when we must invest in fixing our aging infrastructure, the last thing we should do is introduce larger, more dangerous trucks on our highways," he said.

Source : HKSG.

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