29 Desember 2015

[291215.EN.SEA] CP Disappointed With NS Response, Will Review 'Strategic Alternatives'

THE Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) said it was disappointed in the executive and board of the Norfolk Southern Railway (NS), saying they did not consider the best interests of the shareholders when they rejected CP's merger proposals, and that now CP would "review strategic alternatives" without saying what they were.

Norfolk Southern rejected Canadian Pacific Railway revised bid, reiterating that it was "grossly inadequate" and created "substantial regulatory risks and uncertainties".

CP said it remained confident that a CP-NS combination would secure regulatory approval as a seamless coast-to-coast single-haul service benefits shippers, the industry and the public, and would generate tremendous shareholder value.

"It is apparent that neither the executive leadership at NS nor its board of directors are willing to sit down in an open and constructive dialogue about this transformational opportunity and that the interests of the NS board are not aligned with the best interests of NS shareholders. Therefore CP will review its strategic alternatives," said CP.

Source : HKSG.

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