15 Januari 2016

[150116.EN.SEA] New NYK President Pees High-tech Apps Playing A Bigger Role In Future

NYK's new president Tadaaki Naito plans to stick with the "asset-light" strategy as well as a continued pursuit of the company's five-year management plan captured in the slogan "More than Shipping".

"As we head toward 2018, the final year of the medium-term management plan, we need to assess where we stand in 2016," said Mr Naito in the annual state of the company address.

"By clarifying action plans in each business division, the goal of each employee will become clearer, enabling the NYK Group to work as one and press onward to 2018," he said.

"The outlook for 2016 is not very clear, and this can particularly be said for the container and dry bulk markets. We must remain focused on the vision laid out without being swayed by the surrounding environment.

In general, Mr Naito seeks to construct a diverse, robust business portfolio that is profitable under any market conditions.

"To achieve this goal, we must keep our assets light in highly volatile businesses, while securing business with stable freight rates," he said.

Integrate our ingenuity with our technological capabilities to provide competitive services favoured by customers.

"Above all, it is important that we differentiate ourselves from competitors and take advantage of "creative solutions' in all businesses," Mr Naito said.

"My dream is for the NYK Group to take its innovative shipping technologies, which have developed over a history spanning more than a century, and integrate those technologies with an advanced adaptability, moving beyond the framework of traditional shipping and transportation to further evolve into a corporate group that continually pursues cutting-edge transportation services," he said.

Source : HKSG.

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