19 Januari 2016

[190116.EN.BIZ] CargoSmart Adds Features To 'Big Schedules' For Better Sailing, Ship Tracking

HONG KONG's CargoSmart Ltd, providing shipment management software that deploys big data for greater visibility, has added new features to its search engine, Big Schedules.

New features allow shippers and forwarders to have deeper insights into their shipment planning through sailing schedules and live vessel tracking, with event monitoring alert indicators, schedule comparison analysis, a personalised vessel watch list and vessel arrival delay alerts.

Steadily building momentum since its launch in July 2015, nearly 4,000 registered users have made 238,000 searches through the Big Schedules sailing schedule search and vessel tracking platform. Available as a beta release in December, 130 shippers and logistics service providers tested the premium features.

"Shippers are seeking greater control over planning and require better reporting and analytics tools," said chief commercial officer Lionel Louie.

"The Big Schedules premium features let importers and exporters leverage CargoSmart's data and analytics to improve their shipment planning and discover potential delays earlier to save costs."

The new premium features build upon the core sailing schedule and vessel tracking features to offer further visualisation and personalisation to more easily spot delays and analyse performance.

Exporters and importers can discover events impacting schedules such as strikes or typhoons affecting port regions, as well as compare schedules by viewing cut-off dates, transit times, and on-time percentages.

Source : HKSG.

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