17 Januari 2016

[170116.EN.SEA] INTTRA Joins JDA Software For Streamlined Transport Management

THE ocean shipping electronic marketplace, INTTRA, has teamed up with JDA Software Group Inc, which provides supply chain and retail solutions for 4,000 customers worldwide.

Under the new agreement, JDA customers will gain access to INTTRA's full suite of ocean shipping software, data and services.

"JDA's customers now have powerful tools to navigate the ocean shipping portion of the supply chain, adding functionality without complexity," said INTTRA Marketplace president Inna Kuznetsova.

"The robust functionality of JDA Transportation Management software allows customers to control costs, streamline productivity and maximise efficiencies," she said.

Said JDA vice president Fabrizio Brasca: "We are confident that INTTRA's streamlined transaction platform will enable our customers to achieve operational efficiency at all stages of the ocean shipment management process."

INTTRA and JDA are joining forces at a time when INTTRA is experiencing rapid growth in its container volume, which rose by 12 per cent in a year of much slower growth for the market. The company's overall share of container volume has grown from 22 per cent in 2014 to 24 per cent in recent months.

Source : HKSG.

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