04 Juni 2016

[040616.EN.BIZ] LA/Long Beach Truckers Strike Seeking An End To Freelance Status

A TEAMSTERS union affiliated group, Justice for Port Drivers, has said that truckers are striking four companies doing business in Los Angeles and Long Beach, claiming they are being misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees.

Drivers from XPO Cartage, XPO Port Services and K&R Transportation (owned by California Cartage) went on strike on Wednesday, joining drivers at Intermodal Bridge Transport who went on strike the day before.

In addition, warehouse workers at K&R's sister company, California Cartage Warehouse, are also on strike, reports American Shipper.

A spokeswoman for Justice for Port Drivers, Barb Maynard, said she could not say how many drivers are involved in the strike, but a spokesman for the Harbour Trucking Company, Weston LeBar, said the drayage companies he has spoken to say less than one per cent.

Picketing is occurring at the companies' yards, warehouses and distribution centres, and the group and ambulatory picketing will occur at marine terminals and other locations throughout the day and into the night, the group said.

Some container terminals at the ports have said the targeted companies will not be allowed to have trucks move in and out of marine terminals during the demonstrations, Mr LeBar said.

Port of Los Angeles spokesman Phillip Sanfield said the pickets were having minimal impact on port operations.

Source : HKSG.

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