09 Juni 2016

[090616.EN.BIZ] Striking Drivers at LA, Long Beach & San Diego Ports Hold Protest March

STRIKING drivers have held a march through Wilmington to demand the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach & San Diego, California stop doing business with "lawbreaking" companies. The truck drivers are supported by warehouse workers and the union leaders.

Their picket lines over the weekend expanded to XPO Cartage's San Diego-based yard and to the yard of one of XPO's major customers, Toyota, on the US-Mexico border, reported American Journal of Transportation.

The long lines of trucks seen at the three ports has been disrupting the US supply chain.

A driver working for Eco Flow Transportation and a member of the Teamsters, Ricardo Ceja, was quoted as saying: "We're starting to think it is rigged to make billions of dollars of profits for trucking companies and their retail clients like Target, Ross Stores, and Lowe's, while leaving workers stuck in reverse."

"We are on strike to let the company know and to let the giant retailers that we move goods for, like Amazon and Lowe's, know that they can't keep violating our rights," said temporary warehouse worker at California Cartage, Anthony Vallecillo.

"We are striking to demand that the city of Los Angeles needs stop this lawbreaking company that is on city property. California Cartage needs to follow the law, or the port of LA needs to bring in a warehouse operator that will."

Source : HKSG.

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