18 Juni 2016

[180616.EN.BIZ] CargoSmart signs Nippon Express, Globaltransol, ACX Global for VGMs

NIPPON Express, Globaltransol and Al Dahra ACX Global have selected Hong Kong's CargoSmart site to convey official verified gross mass (VGM) container weight data to carriers in compliance with the UN's Safety of Life at Sea rule, which comes into force July 1.

CargoSmart, a global shipment management software provider that uses big data for greater visibility also announced that other customers are also preparing to submit verified gross mass (VGM) data via its electronic platform.

When the new regulation goes into effect, the shipper named on the ocean bill of lading will be required to provide their carrier and terminal operator with the VGM of each packed container.

Weighing services, weight accuracy tolerance levels, cutoff times, and penalties for non-compliance vary by country, terminal and carrier, making it challenging for shippers to prepare for weighing, verification and processes in time for the implementation date.

CargoSmart opened its EDI and online testing environments in May for shippers to prepare to submit the VGM to their ocean carriers.

Nippon Express USA has connected to CargoSmart to submit the VGM by EDI and online for multiple carriers.

"Each steamship line has its own procedure to receive the VGM," said Rei Goshima of Nippon Express USA's ocean cargo division.

"CargoSmart has one window to submit the VGM, making it easy and simple to comply by the implementation date," he said.

"We are pleased with the feedback from customers about the VGM submission process and are continuing to enhance our platform to facilitate collaboration and to support the unique requirements that countries, terminals, and carriers are implementing," said CargoSmart's chief commercial officer Lionel Louie.

Source : HKSG.

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