09 Juni 2014

[090614.EN.SEA] Danaos Creates Social Media Platform For Maritime Industry Firms

DANAOS Management Consultants has unveiled its new "Danaos Platform", the first professional and social business network for the global maritime industry that is fully compatible within the e-Maritime framework.

The platform enables maritime stakeholders to interact in a secure manner through a versatile and comprehensive informational platform, a company statement said.

The solution enables its members to integrate their existing systems with their clients, suppliers and partners to automate their processes from start to finish.

It has been developed to promote collaboration among shipping companies, integrate in-house systems, link business activities with business partners and third parties through a directory and network via messaging, forums and conferences.

The company has formed a strategic partnership with Capital Link to provide platform members with the option of enhanced branding and public relations services optimising their presence and use of the free platform for business.

"We believe the Danaos Platform will revolutionise and optimise the communication and business exchange between the various stakeholders in the global shipping industry," said Capital Link president Nicolas Bornozis.

Source : HKSG.

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