19 Juni 2014

[190614.EN.SEA] Sarjak Container Lines Awarded by India's Transport and Logistics Sector

SARJAK Container Lines has again taken a major award in logistics by being named the All-India Winner - ET NOW India MART Leaders of Tomorrow Award 2013" for being innovative in handling outsize cargo.

"Being acknowledged as the best amongst the best and that on an all-India basis, is a tremendous morale booster," said Sarjak managing director Ashish Sheth.

"Sarjak looks at this award as a milestone from which we can only go forward and keep the flag of India flying high in regions across the globe," said Mr Sheth.

Sarjak, with its own fleet of special equipment and driven by a vision of excellence, innovation and a special ability to resolve complex ODC/OOG movements, is ranked among the select few, ODC/OOG service providers across the globe.

The latest award by the very reputed ET NOW India MART award forum, that is independent of the logistics industry, has highlighted the quality of Sarjak's leadership, as well as showcased the innovation and the commitment it delivers to its customers across 80 countries and 145 port cities of the world, according to the Daily Shipping Times of India.

Source : HKSG.

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