06 Maret 2016

[060316.EN.AIR] Yusen Opens New Forwarding Service at Central Java's Semarang Airport

JAPAN's Yusen Logistics Indonesia has launched a new consolidation air forwarding service from Achmad Yani International Airport, based in Semarang, Java.

Yusen said the forwarding service is needed to improve the local supply chain to support a sharp growth in new businesses moving into the Central Java region.

Until now, the only way to move goods from Semarang's airport to Jakarta International Airport was by truck along a 310-mile road that has been poorly maintained and is subject to repeated flooding.

Under the new arrangement, freight arriving at Semarang can be consolidated and flown to Jakarta much more quickly and reliably, Yusen said.

With the new service, Yusen can now provide integrated in-house handling, as well as air waybill and customs clearance, in Semarang, rather than in Jakarta.

This convenience not only saves on transportation costs between the two cities, it can also improve lead times by as much as 24 hours, the forwarder said.

From Semarang, freight can now be forwarded by air worldwide via Jakarta, Denpasar, Singapore or other nearby airports.

For instance, if shipments are delivered to their Yusen's Semarang facility by 1400 hours or earlier, the forwarder can arrange for the items to arrive at Narita International Airport in Tokyo by the following morning.

Source : HKSG.

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