07 Maret 2016

[070316.EN.SEA] Rickmers-Linie Moves Biggest Siemens Gas Turbine To Plant In Turkey

RICKMERS-LINIE has successfully transported by sea a 485-tonne gas turbine and a 465-tonne generator made by Siemens for a gas power plant project in Hamitabat in the northwest of Turkey that is due to be completed by the summer of 2017.

The loading of the equipment, including the biggest gas turbine ever built by Siemens which can generate up to 600MW, was loaded in Bremerhaven from a barge onto the carrier's 30,000-dwt multipurpose heavy lift ship.

The load is the first of four shipments and will be discharged in the port of Tekirdag, southwest of Istanbul. The liner operator's specialised vessels will make three more calls at Bremerhaven to load cargo for this project, it said in a statement.

Navitrans, agents for Rickmers-Linie in Turkey, won the contract following negotiations with Bertling Logistics in Istanbul, the nominated freight forwarder, which is coordinating logistics for this project.

"No loading operation is ever exactly like another and it is never a routine," said Rickmers-Linie German sales chief Dirk Gindl.

"As always, thorough preparation, taking into consideration the value, size and weight of the cargo, was key to ensure a smooth and safe operation," he said.

Source : HKSG.

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