24 Maret 2016

[240316.EN.NBIZ] Kalmar To Lay off 190 Swedes at Forklift Plant And Hires Anew in Poland

FINLAND's provider of cargo and load handling gear Kalmar - part of Cargotec - plans to transfer the production of forklifts from Sweden to Poland to improve efficiency and ensure global competitiveness.

Kalmar also plans to invest in a new, state of the art premises in Sweden and transform the operations in southern Sweden into an innovation and technology centre.

The new centre in Ljungby, Sweden would focus on strengthening Kalmar's expertise in digital business development, research and development, prototype production and testing of mobile equipment.

Additionally, Kalmar is planning to launch a digital business development programme in collaboration with Linneaus University in Southern Sweden.

According to the plans, the forklift production in Lidhult, Sweden, will be moved to Kalmar's assembly plant in Stargard, Poland in the next two years, leading to the closing of the Lidhult operation.

"Kalmar has begun negotiations with the unions and 190 employees in Sweden would be affected," said Kalmar vice president Dan Pettersson.

"We recognise that this is a difficult time for people in Lidhult. However, we must make sure that we continue to sustain our global leadership position," he said.

Source : HKSG.

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