10 Maret 2016

[100316.EN.BIZ] NYK To Collect Big Data From Mega-ships To Promote Safety, Efficiency

JAPAN's NYK, the Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI) and the Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU) are to collect and analyse "Big Data" from a series of 14,000-TEU ships, as part of a joint research project.

NYK will analyse various operational Big Data collected from its newbuilding, NYK Blue Jay, and feed the analytical results back to JMU, it said in a statement.

Big Data acquired through the use of SIMS2 on containerships in this series will be accumulated at a ship data centre established by ClassNK in December 2015. SIMS2 is device that allows detailed hourly data on operational performance and fuel consumption to be shared between crew and land-based operations staff.

"By utilising this Big Data, more efficient and safer operation of vessels can be pursued," the shipping line said.

Specifically, the joint research aims to achieve the following objectives: contribution to energy savings by analysing propulsion performance; improving the efficiency of propellers through analysis of the propulsion performance of ocean-going vessels; pursuit of safety by monitoring hull stress; and prevention of serious engine plant accidents.

Source : HKSG.

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