20 Mei 2016

[200516.EN.BIZ] World Jaguar Logistics To Provide Intelligent Warehousing, Logistics

WORLD Jaguar Logistics, from its warehouse complex Qianwan Bonded Zone on the other side of Jiaozhou Bay opposite Qingdao, provides intelligent warehousing and logistics to clients around the world.

So much so that its success aroused the interest of Qingdao TV, which sent a news crew to report on these fresh developments in the area's logistics sector.

Recalling this public attention, World Jaguar president Wushao Yong said: "We established a thorough network of overseas clients, warehouses, customs clearance and sea-rail transport over the years."

This, he said, was done to promote intelligent warehousing and logistics systems. "We set up integrated online e-commerce platform to provide booking, enquiry information, LCL and tracking services." Mr Wushao said.

"Combining trading and customs clearance with online e-commerce systems and opening online stocking as well as direct mail services," he said.

World Jaguar Logistics' 10 branches at the ports utilise Internet+ to connect local and overseas clients.

Qianwan Bonded Zone has copied the success of Shanghai free trade zone which brings opportunities to World Jaguar Logistics. He also said officials of Qianwan Bonded Zone have advantageous policies to promote growth of company's logistics business, enlarging its overseas network.

World Jaguar Logistics continues to develop new business. Since its first direct purchasing order from the bonded zone, the company has been investing in cross-border e-commerce and construction of local and overseas warehouses. The bonded zone has a 6,000-metre square warehouse specifically for cross-border e-commerce.

Source : HKSG.

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