02 Maret 2015

[020315.EN.SEA] Nome May Become First of Several Alaskan Seaports to be Expanded

DEEPWATER ports in Alaska being considered for expansion, starting with the existing port of Nome under a newly unveiled plan by the US Army Corps of Engineers, a proposal that has already won the support of the city's residents.

The Corp's proposal calls for a 2,100-foot extension of Nome's causeway, the building of a new 450-foot dock and dredging the port to 28 feet, reports the Alaska Dispatch.

"The report is making the recommendation for construction at Nome at this time basically due to its highly developed area, having a good runway, good hospital, already strong support that's already there," US Army Corps of Engineers chief of civil works Bruce Sexauer.

Nome's causeway currently has two docks, measuring 200 feet each, and the harbour now goes to a depth of 22 feet. A middle dock project set to start construction this summer would add a third 200-foot dock.

The corps eventually hopes to develop a system of deeper ports throughout western Alaska.

Source : HKSG.

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