20 Maret 2015

[200315.EN.SEA] Drewry: LA-LB Delays, Double Turaround Times Cost Lines US$ 150 Million

SHIP turnaround times at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach doubled in the fourth quarter compared to August, costing the container shipping industry US$150 million, according to Drewry Maritime Research.

The 10,000-TEU CSCL East China Sea had the longest stay, waiting 32 days after its
December 21 arrival, said Drewry's Container Insight Weekly.

Drewry also found that some carriers suffered more than others. Hong Kong's Orient Overseas Container Liner (OOCL) was worst hit while Singapore's APL was the least affected, despite being the largest user of the port complex.

It took under four days to turn around an APL 6,000-TEU in the fourth quarter but a same size OOCL ship took more than eight days, Drewry found.

Overall, San Pedro Bay port congestion the last quarter cost carriers US$150 million, or $1.5 million per weekly service, according to Drewry estimates.

"We are prepared to stick our neck out and say that the industry lost in the region of $150 million in the fourth quarter as a consequence of the congestion," said its Container Insight Weekly.

"Annualised, that would equate to $600 million, which to put things in perspective would buy 60 gantry cranes or build a two million TEU per annum capacity terminal from scratch," Drewry said.

Marine Exchange data shows the number of containerships anchored increased since the start of the year with 23 waiting at the end of February.

Fifty-five per cent of containerships calling at LA-Long Beach from October through December were turned around in five days or less, while 13 per cent stayed for 10 days or more, Drewry found.

So far APL is the only carrier to have placed a financial figure on the costs accrued by the west coast congestion, and Drewry suggested other carriers should do the same as greater transparency would increase their chances of recouping the extra costs from customers.

Source : HKSG.

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