19 Maret 2015

[190315.EN.SEA] US West Coast Backlog Persist Despite Provisional LabourAccord

THE two major ports on the US west coast ?the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach ?are still encountering problems with backlogs despite the tentative settlement of a labour dispute that choked the nation's 29 ports along the west coast.

Smaller west coast ports are clearing backlogs more quickly, Investor’s Business Daily reported.

Early this week, no vessels were anchored outside Seattle; two were anchored outside Oakland, down from 19 vessels in February; and Tacoma, Washington, was down from 12 anchored ships at the depths of the slowdown to the usual one or two, port representatives said.

But at the nation's biggest and busiest ports, it's more slow going.

On Tuesday, 26 container and cargo vessels were anchored outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, just waiting, while six ships floated inside the breakwater until some of the 33 ships tied up at docks, being unloaded and loaded, had cleared their berths, according to the VesselFinder.com.

Meanwhile, a San Francisco caucus of 90 union delegates is scheduled for the week of March 30. If the organisers decide to recommend it for consideration by the full membership, then each union member will get a copy of the tentative agreement, which will be discussed at a local union meeting.

A vote by secret ballot would take place sometime in April.

Employers reportedly expect ILWU Local 10 in Oakland to vote against the contract, although the much-larger Local 13 in Southern California is critical to the deal's ratification.

Source : HKSG. 

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